How to Wear a Head Scarf, Vintage Style May 16 2015

Looking for a quick and fairly easy way to get a vintage look? Head scarves are the accessory that can add elegant style to your daily wardrobe easily and quickly.

Head Scarves in the 20th Century

Head scarves have been popular for centuries and each decade of the 20th Century had it's signiture look. In the 1920s and '30s the turban look was quite popular, this look was worn by many film stars of the day but is often associated with Gretta Garbo and Joan Crawford. The simple head wrap with long tails was also poular in the 1930's.

1930s Head Scarf Fashion

The  begining of the 1940's saw the introduction of the exotic and colorful Carman Miranda in her first Hollywood film Down Argentine Way . Her bold look inspired women across the country to adopt towned down versions of her elaboarate head wear. As America entered WorldWar II and women began to work in factories the iconic image of Rosie the Riveter became the working look for many women. This utilitarian look has continued to symbolized womens' efforts during the war years.

 1940s Head Scarves

In the 1950's elegance was the look of the day and the head scarf styles evolved to match. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and leading fashion models began to wear scarves draped across their heads and either tied just under the chin or wraped around the neck for more coverage and security.

1950s head scarves

The elegance of the 1950's continued into the early and mid 1960's. Young women wore simple head band wraps, often tied in a bow. Jackie Kennedy moved from the pillbox hats of the early 1960's to a simple head scarf in the mid and late 60s while Sophia Loren, an icon of 1960's style, brought back the exotic look with her signiture head scarves. 

Early 1960's Head Scarves

As the turbulent 1960's moved on elegance gave way to street fashion and the look of the "hippie" bagen to take over. Head scarves as worn in hippie fashion came in a few styles. There was the a simle wrap around the forehead tied in a knot in the back, a style worn by both men and women. Another look was the full head wrap, similar to the head band style with a front to back look but with the whole top of the head covered.

1960s Hippie Head Scarves

The bohemian aesthetic of the hippie era evolved as the 1970's came into their own. The ultimate head scarf icon of the decade was Valerie Harper as TV's Rhoda. Elements of past styles made a comeback with the turban look while the overall trend took on ethnic elements from Middle Eastern and African cultures.

1970's Head Scarves

With so many choices where do you begin? Well a good place to start is this fabulous tutorial by Vintage Current on YouTube. In this video she shows classic vintage ways to style a head scarf that evoke trends from the 1930's through the 1960's.


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