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Teenie Beanie Springy the Lavender Bunny McDonalds Promotion 2000


This is Springy the Lavender Bunny from the Teenie Beanie Babies collection for McDonald's Happy Meals in 2000

The 2000 Happy Meal promotion at McDonalds began on June 13 and ran until November 9. 

The regular Happy Meal promotion (packaged in plastic bags) started on 13 June with 18 animals. Those came in five different categories; Pet Pals, At the Zoo, Garden Bunch, Under the Sea and Top Secret. The two Top Secret Teenie Beanies were released on June 29. They were considered "Top Secret" because their Beanie Baby counterparts were being released around the same time. 

Condition: Springy is in very good used condition. The hang tag is slightly bent.  
Measures: 4" (10.16 cm)
Date: 2000

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