Sweet Treats from Days Gone By Part 2 | 1960's through 1980's April 13 2015

1960's Candy

1960’s Candy

The 1960’s was a colorful decade all around and the candy of the time did not escape this trend. Fruit Stripe Gum the "Five Flavor Gum" was invented by James Parker and launched in the early 1960s while Now and Later taffy squares were first introduced in 1962. In the same year Ferrara Pan introduced Lemonheads.  1962 was a big year for candy as SweetTarts also debuted that year using the same basic recipe as popular Pixy Stix and Lik-M-Aid products but in a less messy form.

1967 saw the debut of Razzles, whose tag line was: “First it’s a candy, then it’s a gum”, while the taffy trend continued with Starburst’s introduction also in 1967. The psychedelic late 60’s gave us the fizzy candy ZotZ.

1970's Candy

1970’s Candy

The candy we now know as Laffy Taffy was first introduced in 1970 as Beich's Flavored Caramels. The controversial candy Pop Rocks hit shelves in 1975 initiating all kinds of rumors about how they could be harmful to kids. Another 1975 introduction was Bubble Yum, the first soft bubblegum. Breaker Confections introduced Everlasting Gobstopper jawbreakers in 1976 under the Willy Wonka brand inspired by the candy of the same name in the 1971 Willy Wonka film. In 1978 the Reese’s brand expanded their line of products to include Reese’s Pieces.

1980's Candy

1980’s Candy

The decade of big shoulders and neon colors also gave us bright and fruity candy. The decade started off with the baseball themed Big League Chew bubblegum in a pouch. Nerds were launched in 1983 and was voted Candy of the Year in 1985. Runts were first seen on shelves in 1982 and come in the shape, color and flavor of selected fruits. Airheads, the ultimate 80’s candy, came out in 1986. The decade came to a close with another bubblegum product, Bubble Tape “Six Feet of Fun”.

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