Wedding Trends of the 1960's | Vintage Style Inspiration January 21 2015

Vintage 1960's Wedding Inspiration

The 1960’s was a decade where change was the only constant. The beginning of the decade began much as the fifties ended but by 1969 radical changes in pop culture, science, fashion, and politics had turned American culture upside down.

Pillbox hats influenced by Jackie Kennedy were designed with attached netting for adorable bouffant length veils. The prevailing flower of the decade was the daisy, which brides incorporated into their bouquets or as embellishments on their dresses.

Wedding dresses followed the fashions of the day, available from floor length traditional gowns to hemlines several inches above the knee. Crinolines were still used in the early sixties when the look centered on a mid-calf length full skirt, while later on in the decade A-line mini skirts became the fashion.

Recognizable hair and makeup  trends of the sixties ran the gamut from teased bouffant hair to the pixie cut, inspired by Twiggy. The mid-sixties saw makeup trends heavily influenced by Mod trends which included; thick black eyeliner with over-sized false eyelashes and eye shadow in at least two colors, blues and greens being dominant, while lips were frosted pink.