Vintage Owl or Anthropologie Reproduction? October 01 2014

Vintage Owl or Anthropologie Reproduction? |

Anthropologie has a great retro style and in keeping with that style their housewares are often modern reproductions of vintage designs. With the recent explosion in popularity of owls, Anthropologie has released a line of owl containers reproducing actual vintage styles. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, if you are looking for a truly vintage owl the new influx of reproductions may add some confusion.

Truly vintage owls are not often marked and the new models will usually only have a sticker for identification so the key in distinguishing which is which is in the details. The vintage owls will often be made of a heavier ceramic material and most will be hand-painted.

The winking style owl is a vintage design that is attributed to Swanee Pottery, an American company that was established in 1937. Swanee made a variety of houseware items including cookie jars and salt and pepper shakers. These items were sold at Woolworth and Sears.