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The History of Owl Decor Trends November 25 2016

History of Owl Decor Trend

Between 2009 and 2012 anyone walking into a home decor store would most likely see, perched on shelves and on table tops, flocks of owls. Or, to be more precise, parliaments of owls. The origin of trends can be hard to define but looking back the owl trend origin begins way back in the 1970’s. Let’s look at some of the major events in the owl trend timeline…

1960's Mod Fashion and Flower Brooches July 16 2016

Mod fashion 1960s enamel brooches

Mod fashion was bold and brash, ushered in by a young generation of innovative and creative students in Great Britain. This in-your-face fashion trend of the 1960s belonged to London. The Brits set the tone and the rest of the world followed.

Options for Displaying Your Collection July 09 2016

Displaying your collection

The dilemma every collector faces; how to display your collection and not look like a crazy hoarder. There are many ways you can proudly display your life’s passion and you do not have to stick with just one style. Depending on what you want to display you may have several equally stylish options. Check out some of the options listed here, mix and match techniques and styles to create a display as unique as your collection.

A Beginners Guide to Collecting Piggy Banks July 18 2015

Guide to Collecting Vintage Piggy Banks

You may be asking “Why are banks shaped like pigs?” Well, there are two theories regarding the origin of the pig image in banks. One theory states that the pig is a derivative of pygg, an orange clay pottery that was used during the Middle Ages for jars that stored household staples such as salt. 

Common Vintage Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker Designs June 11 2015

Common Vintage Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers

There are many different styles of vintage owl salt and pepper shakers available online or at your local vintage marketplace. There are some styles that are quite common and can be found at a wide range of prices.

The Jolly Green Giant Vintage Advertising Icon May 18 2015

Jolly Green Giant Advertising Icon

Born in 1925, the Jolly Green Giant was the representative of The Minnesota Valley Canning Company.  His creation was due to the company’s introduction that year of a new variety of European pea. These new peas were a much larger variety than those grown in America, and they were tastier.  Minnesota Valley applied for a trademark calling the new pea “Green Giant.”   

A Beginner's Guide to Buying Vintage Clip On Earrings May 17 2015

Guide to Buying Vintage Clip on Earrings

Earrings are the definitive eye-catching accessory, and vintage costume jewelry earrings are a classic choice when looking to add some sparkle to your wardrobe. Some vintage earrings were part of a matching set with coordinating pins or necklaces while others were created to stand alone as accents to an ensemble. Either way, due to their size, earrings are often an affordable path to starting a vintage costume jewelry collection.

How to Wear a Head Scarf, Vintage Style May 16 2015

How to Wear A Head Scarf Vintage Style

Looking for a quick and fairly easy way to get a vintage look? Head scarves are the accessory that can add elegant style to your daily wardrobe easily and quickly. Head scarves have been popular for centuries and each decade of the 20th Century had it's signature look.

A Short History of the Photographic Camera [Infographic] May 09 2015

History of the Photographic Camera Infographic

This amazing infographic, Short History of Photographic Camera, is a poster from Retrofuturismo-Kitsch. This is a lovely visual progression of the camera from the first ancient Camera Obscura to the Sony Mavica in 1981. 

Remembering the Toys of the 1950's April 20 2015

Following the Second World War the 1950's saw a dramatic increase in the amount and variety of toys for children. Mr. Potato Head, the Hula Hoop, and Barbie are among some of the most popular toys released in the 1950's.  

Sweet Treats from Days Gone By Part 2 | 1960's through 1980's April 13 2015

Remembering the candy of the 1960's through the 1980's

The 1960’s was a colorful decade all around and the candy of the time did not escape this trend. Fruit Stripe Gum the "Five Flavor Gum" was invented by James Parker and launched in the early 1960s while Now and Later taffy squares were first introduced in 1962. In the same year Ferrara Pan introduced Lemonheads.

Mid-Century Home Décor Trends March 31 2015

Mid-Century home decor trends 1950's

The pastel color palette may be the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about 1950's home décor trends, but contemporary influences such as space travel and car styles came into play as well. There wasn’t a single look in home décor through the 1950s there were several, and they spanned diverse trends such as atomic age design, modern Scandinavian influences, and Hawaiian inspirations (Tiki). 

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